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Mothermorphosis premier season, La Mama, Carlton, Melbourne. Aug–Sept 2018.
Review by Hugging Comedians, 29 August 2018.



Hugging Comedians was invited to Liz Skitch’s show ‘Mothermorphosis’, a one-woman performance art piece that deconstructed Motherhood. Liz Skitch incorporated storytelling drawn from biographical pieces, absurdist theatrical physicality, character-driven elements and of course Astrid the chicken, into a delightful, humorous and meaningful performance.

Liz tackled challenging content in a way that was accessible to all, regardless of whether they had children or not. The character-driven scenes that explored a person’s identity as an individual versus being a child’s mother were a standout. The humour drawn from these characters felt real and relatable.

Mothermorphosis’ was insightful and had an impact on the audience. In an intimate atmosphere, Liz connected with the crowd with welcoming and inclusive audience interaction. Similarly, the tone of the evening was also supported through an entertaining (if somewhat eclectic) stage design as well as an excellent use of lighting and sound.

Even in audio-visual heavy pieces, Liz maintained audience engagement through her grandiose physicality and at times, more subtle hand gestures and facial expressions. The interweaving pieces of narration from real mothers added weight to the absurdist and understated scenes covering childbirth, loss and parental patience.

While not a topic some audience members would actively seek out, ‘Mothermorphosis’ felt genuine in the way it approached it. As a result, the laughs and feelings of the audience mirrored the show’s authenticity, elements that made the show both enjoyable and memorable.

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