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Mothermorphosis premier season, La Mama, Carlton, Melbourne. Aug–Sept 2018.
Review by Flora Georgiou, Stage Whispers, 2018.



Mothermorphosisis a tale of a woman who wakes up one morning only to discover she has turned into a mother. It is a quirky and facetious metaphor of the Franz Kafka story (Metamorphosis).

This is a witty and clever new show written and performed by Liz Skitch from debase productions, and directed by Maude Davey.

This show is a comical journey into the trials and tribulations of motherhood. A hotch-potch of zany events begins with the sharing of vegemite sandwiches, followed by a hilarious snippet of sketch comedy, involving a real chook handled with extreme care and verbal delight.

An enthusiastic and boisterous performer Skitch lightheartedly redefines her new role as “Molly’s (her daughter) mum”, combining physical theatre and clownish comedy as she mocks with surreal reenactments – her waters breaking; “C- Section traumas – along with other mother-nature capers. While the broomstick is not far off, the domestic drudgery is never done, and the infants are still bawling, she can rely on her inner witch to appease her exploding energy.

As Skitch grapples with her new ‘mum’ identity she finds herself meeting like-minded women at the community center who share their many baby stories. Sometimes, it is all too much and prenatal depression is as real as babies crying for help.

Soundscape and sound design (Chris Wenn) enhance and multi-layer the performance offers depth and definition. The set design (Lara Week) is a cluttered lounge and kitchen space full of useful props that Skitch rips out in manic abandon.

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